Life Update and Disability

“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” We had very long summer of IV not working properly and me not managing my energy with that properly. Now that I have adapted to the change and we have increased IV so my strength is back and here I […] Read more

Disability and Psychological Trauma

I haven’t written in months! I was sick the end of May and literally it took all June for me to type paragraph. It was weird. Here I am with a new one finally! You are beautiful       “The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from our consciousness,” opens Judith Herman […] Read more

Disability and PAs

Oldie but goodie Personal assistant (PA), personal care attendants, caregivers, mom and dad, most aggravating person in the world; whatever the situation may be, the person who helps you live your day-to-day life deserves a HUGE thank you. Becoming independent for a person with a disability may be more difficult and more painfully annoying than […] Read more

Disability and Privilege

Privilege is one of those things that I don’t understand. Privilege is constantly changing. I have so many privileges and so many, many disadvantages. They work together half the time and half the time they just cancel each other out…And then, if there is the privilege of having more privilege- the other half of the […] Read more

Disability and the Doctor

  In network. My favorite phrase right now. My mother is one of my favorite people because she never taught me to fear much. I have a very poor memory- it is my greatest strength and my greatest burden- from what  little I can recall my mom was scared of most things but never taught […] Read more

Disability and the Lucky Ones

Today I found an electric clothes dryer I don’t feel absolutely sick buying. My mom has a dryer. That’s who has a dryer. I don’t. I can’t do that. If I buy a dryer I am giving up. I am accepting what society desires and becoming a Stepford American who dries their clothes lazily and […] Read more

Disability and Travel

Life is good and that’s the way it should be. It has been a friggin’ rollercoaster forever. I have so many blogs started that I just never finished. But HERE I AM!!! I missed y’all a whole lot! I have so much to chat with ya about! For Halloween Bear and I took an adventure […] Read more

Death with Dignity

Twitter is a mysterious wasteland of smart people discussing less than topics. I recently have found myself in this weird world while trying to market the Bear Paw. I don’t understand the concept of it being fun. Who does Twitter for fun?! Is that how that’s said?  I really don’t know Twitter lingo so just […] Read more

Caregiving Change

I have been writing an article on eugenics for a month and a half now. I could never find time to write so I threw a fit and now I’ve scraped it for a later date and we will discuss the much more important issue… me. The P.A. or “caregiver” situation is basically all I […] Read more

Pokemon Go and Disability

I hate kids and I get real upset when they are in public but if I choose to go to a kids movie or event, well, hello, there’s expectedly going to be kids attending. Kids exist. I’m here to bet the kids want me at their event as much as I want them there, but […] Read more