Love, Marriage and Caregivers

I like very few people, which over the years I have learned is fine. I like everyone to like me, which I don’t even comprehend and find to be a thoroughly repulsive trait I possess. Audrey shares this peculiarity with her mother and together we are very misunderstood. Although I like very few people, I […] Read more

A Word on Caregivers

  Personal assistant (PA), personal care attendants, caregivers, mom and dad, most aggravating person in the world; whatever the situation may be, the person who helps you live your day-to-day life deserves a HUGE thank you. Becoming independent for a person with a disability may be more difficult and more painfully annoying than having all […] Read more


My mind is a plethora of thoughts. This whole week I haven’t had any idea what was going on. Things are happening so fast I don’t have time to process. I have no idea what to tell you right now without bringing politics into the conversation… Syrians are people! Ok…anyway… Bear and I have decided […] Read more

Our Life (Update 1)

Our wedding! The wedding of Bear and I is May 14th of next year. That is only seven months away. Really, it’s six months away and fifteen days. I am so freaked. I don’t plan anything; I just do it. If it’s something I don’t wish to do; I just don’t do it… Luckily my […] Read more

Making Adjustments

How we met: Bear’s Story | Blue Jay’s Story I had only been through Georgia; traveling to Disney World. There was no reason to ever stop in Georgia. There is nothing here. It is a vast, humid, buggy place full of nothingness. It’s much like the sky, just a place you go to disappear. Beautiful […] Read more

I Love You to Georgia and Back

Part 1 | Part 2 | Bear’s Story   I often thought I’d write a book about Bear and I. I hate writing about it though. I can write about my many times in the hospital, all my missed family holidays-eating cold cafeteria food. I can write about all my messy relationships or break-ups or […] Read more