I Love You to Georgia and Back

Part 1 | Part 2 | Bear’s Story   I often thought I’d write a book about Bear and I. I hate writing about it though. I can write about my many times in the hospital, all my missed family holidays-eating cold cafeteria food. I can write about all my messy relationships or break-ups or […] Read more

The Leap (Chicago: Part 2)

Part 1 | Blue Jay’s Story I’ll never forget that puff of fur that exploded off that deer as it was hit by that truck. Just briefly, I saw its face as it crossed Interstate 65. Wide-eyed, leaping and dodging vehicles… the terror and excitement it must have felt. He might as well have been […] Read more

While Bear’s Away…

Bear’s Story I wasn’t always sad. I don’t think. I graduated college in 2013. I had to move out of the 23rd floor dorm-apartment into a real life one-bedroom.       I split it with “the most interesting man in the world.” I met him in a writing class. He was ex- military. When […] Read more

Introducing the Bird

I saw a roach on our table today at 5:35. It was half-dead. More than that- ¾ dead. It was mostly dead. It was so cool. Terrifying and gross. But stimulatingly cool. I had to tell my fiancé, Ryan (the bear) We live in south Georgia. He has seen many a roach. I have not. […] Read more

Introducing the Bear

It seems like I’ve been alive for 28 years, but I don’t think my life actually began until I met Blue Jay. Growing up here in the small town of Thomasville, Georgia, I was the only kid in a wheelchair. Making friends wasn’t too easy and there wasn’t much to do. One day, I just […] Read more