Our Life (Update 2)

Only 84 days left until the wedding. Even though I feel like we’re married already I still get anxious when I think about how close we are. As far as decision making or responsibilities go, for this, I have none… except to show up. All that really matters to me is Blue Jay being there. […] Read more

Independence and the ADA

I remember when Bear came to Chicago. I went grocery shopping pretty much every day in my single life. There were numerous reasons for this: I lived less than a block from it, I couldn’t take a car so I had to make sure I didn’t get too much at one time making it impossible […] Read more

A Word on Caregivers

  Personal assistant (PA), personal care attendants, caregivers, mom and dad, most aggravating person in the world; whatever the situation may be, the person who helps you live your day-to-day life deserves a HUGE thank you. Becoming independent for a person with a disability may be more difficult and more painfully annoying than having all […] Read more