Brexit and the Disabled

Our main goal is to move to Italy. I have no idea if that is still Bear’s main goal, I think right now he is focused on a much smaller-scale but “our” main goal is to move to Italy. I told him I had to move there when we met so now we have to at some point. I need to. I learned Italian on my phone and I love pasta, therefore I don’t understand why that shouldn’t be our goal.

According to Lorenzo Codogno, former director-general of the Italian treasury and now at LC Macro Advisors, “When Britain sneezes, Italy catches a cold. It is the weakest link in the European chain”

On June 23rd, Britain had a big sneeze. It exhaled so loudly the Italians needed earplugs, saliva and snot were were showering down on the citizens not even umbrellas could help.

Brexit had happened.

Brexit, which is literally “Britain exit” -which literally means Britain exited the European Union makes me have an uncomfortable feel.
The European Union was many people with disabilities’ fall guy. Now that that guy has moved and Brits can’t call him for help anymore, it sucks. The EU has a strongly negative record for disabled assistance. Its Employment Equality Directive led to the removal of the original exemption in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) for employers with fewer than 20 staff in the UK, so that in 2004 it became unlawful for any UK employer to discriminate against disabled people. Neat? The employment directive also led to the DDA being changed to make direct discrimination by employers against disabled people unlawful. Whereas, Britain has been a bit of a meanie to the disabled community, this past year in particular. The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) helps people who have serious health conditions and disabilities to live independently and includes people with arthritis, learning disabilities, psychosis, terminal illness and dementia. It is being replaced with a new stricter test under Personal Independence Payments (PIP)—500,000 people will lose individual entitlements worth an average of £3,000 per year. I think this really shows all of us how much our community needs to vote.

The other day on Facebook I saw this image-Well, I can’t find it…it said, “Britain screwed-up but America holds the Trump card” and I smirked because it was funny but it’s not, not really.  I have every desire on this lush,beautiful, strong Earth to move back to Chicago but we can’t because they have a devil in charge of the state and he hates me. Actually, I doubt this. He doesn’t know me, but if he did he would absolutely love me.  I should probably go talk to him. I’m kidding. That’s awkward but I wonder. I have absolutely no desire to live in Chicago. Been there, done that. I miss my family but my mother raised me to be a very independent being so after a week of family we all need to have 1,000 miles put between us. I just loathe being told I’m not allowed to do something and this whole, “you can’t get PA services in Chicago thing so you can’t come here” is making my life a tumultuous tummy ache.  Yea, tell me I can’t do something, good idea. We all know how this goes…

If every state in America ends up being an Illinois or Britain….Vote.


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