Pokemon Go and Disability

I hate kids and I get real upset when they are in public but if I choose to go to a kids movie or event, well, hello, there’s expectedly going to be kids attending. Kids exist. I’m here to bet the kids want me at their event as much as I want them there, but we are there together so we are going to shut up and deal.

The point of Pokemon Go is very ableist, like this world. Everyone on planet Earth knows this. Those who wish to argue can suck it. It is your choice to play. You have the ability to choose which attitude you take toward the game. Y’all know to mentally prepare yourself before play because your abilities are going to stop you from getting that one Pokemon that’s just out of reach because we can’t jump over that rock.

I get it. I do. The problem is life happens. Beautiful, stupid, life.

If we as a disabled community continue complaining about “life things” that just make people different — what are we asking for? We just sound like big complainers who are never happy. Which is the stereotype I completely loathe that the media exploits! Society can’t help us if they think of us as a bunch of complainers. We want acceptance but we won’t accept the most minor inconveniences.  I love when it’s date night so you put on scarlet lipstick and his favorite dress. Y’all go out for Italian and get Bellinis and Pomodoro and wait, what’s that…a small child yelling something unintelligent. The rest of the night is spent mocking said child and enjoying how awesomely the perfect dinner was ruined. Somehow when things aren’t perfect they are more fun. We are always going to have a “kids epidemic” on this planet. I accept. That makes my world more fun. Accept that not everything is perfect. Pokemon Go is what it is. It’s nothing more, nothing less. Ry and I are insanely happy with what Pokemon Go provides us, mostly because we live by a bazillion pokestops….

I’m only level 7 and that’s probably why I’m insanely happy with the app but if my disability becomes an issue what are nephews for?


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