Caregiving Change

I have been writing an article on eugenics for a month and a half now. I could never find time to write so I threw a fit and now I’ve scraped it for a later date and we will discuss the much more important issue… me.

The P.A. or “caregiver” situation is basically all I talk about these days…. But it’s just so weird! There’s new people seeing me naked in my living quarters hourly. Looking at me. The other night my P.A., well both PAs, had to be trained on how to get me in the shower. My sister-in-law, who was my sole caregiver when I first moved down to No-man’s land, was able to come over and show the new PAs how to transfer me. My sister-in-law is the mother of my nephews, which is why they are so charming. She is a fervent, passionate soul. When we transferred to the shower we full on transferred to the shower.

There I was, naked Britty with three people with their eyes glued on me and Whitney (my sister-in-law) narrating the whole event. She knows the PA system and she knows me and my slack attitude with people who don’t do their job. She wanted to be sure they knew exactly what to do. Luckily, I was really sick from IVIG and couldn’t really care or I would have put earrings on. Some days I get self-conscious but then I remember that time.


Change is hard when you are an asshole with a sentimental heart. My goal in life has been to never care about anyone or become attached. This way I’m hurt-proof. I love everyone I meet, so it’s a skill I’m still working on, even though I know it’s not a trait I want in my character. I’m very confused. I assume that’s fine. Even if I hate the person, leave it to me to find the best in them and love it. My first PA in Georgia was Whitney but the first non-family paid-caregiver had been with Ry and I since the beginning. She became family. She was here every day for seven hours during some “shit.”
I took the change a lot better than expected! I took it better than Audrey who puked and hid the first few days of the new PA. If I can do better than the dog I’m winning.
This is the first time in eons Audrey and I have had the quiet apartment to ourselves and can write. Ryan was doing the Bear Paw self feeding marketing by himself before so we had free writing time all day but he was a little bear thrown in Lake Michigan…He wasn’t doing bad at it but he had no idea what he was doing so he asked me to take over marketing while he invents more products. To share the product and meet new people we have a few trips in motion. We plan to visit Greenville, SC for an AMC meet-up on September 24 and on October 1st we will be in Memphis, TN at Limb Loss Education Day. On August 13th, we were able to go to Dallas, Georgia to see Ward “Scarman” Foley speak. Scarman has Arthrogryposis and has had a brilliant life. He is a motivational speaker.


That’s my very interesting tale! Like and share!


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