Pokemon Go and Disability

I hate kids and I get real upset when they are in public but if I choose to go to a kids movie or event, well, hello, there’s expectedly going to be kids attending. Kids exist. I’m here to bet the kids want me at their event as much as I want them there, but […] Read more

Brexit and the Disabled

Our main goal is to move to Italy. I have no idea if that is still Bear’s main goal, I think right now he is focused on a much smaller-scale but “our” main goal is to move to Italy. I told him I had to move there when we met so now we have to […] Read more

Summertime Sadness

Being married is fun!   It’s an exact match to life before the words were said and the tears were shed but life at that time was superbly entertaining and whimsical! The world unfortunatly is still a frustrating, idiotic, vat full of stereotyping ignorant fools including myself but it’s a beautiful day at the Hines’s […] Read more

The Bird and the Bear got Married.

  On May 14 in the most amazing way possible the Bear and I got married. It was everything. It was a dream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jRrabc38lc We had our ceremony at the church I grew-up in with my youth pastor officiating the ceremony. . We have a lot of family and friends so the wedding guests consisted […] Read more

Greyhound Road Trip With a Disability

One of the ultimate goals in Blue Jay and mine’s lives and for this blog is to have the ability to travel the world and write about our experiences as two wheelchair users trekking different lands to give you, the reader, a perspective not often seen. Through witnessing our experiences, we hope you decide to […] Read more

Our Life (Update 3)

I feel like I haven’t written a life update in sooooooo looooooong! That’s a very dramatic “so” and a long “long”… What’s happening readers?! I can do my own eyeliner now. No big deal. Eyeliner was my life back in the day (I wouldn’t leave my house without it) so I like to know I […] Read more

“You Complete Me” Spotlight

  This post is part of the “You Complete Me” series. Ryan and I fell in love in a land full of giants aka “walkies” as many off you have and we’d love to hear your story. This first spotlight is shared by Summer Reinke who has the same disorder as Ryan.   Love and […] Read more

Election Year and the Disabled Vote

Political talking. It’s everywhere! I love politics. I went into journalism because I didn’t want to be a politician but I wanted to be involved in that arena. This election I don’t come close to following except through Facebook memes and from the videos Ryan watches on Youtube. Seriously… We don’t have cable and we […] Read more